Friends of Highgrove

There are lots of ways you can be a friend to the farm.

You can help us from right where you are by supporting us financially or with a gift from our wish list.

You can also support us by engaging with us online. Don’t just “follow us” – ask questions, share posts, and the occasional “atta boy” is always welcome.

We post about X times a week to our Facebook group, Twitter, and Instagram usually with a cute goat photo or an update on project progress.

We publish our “sprint report” about every 2 weeks on our website with information about what we’ve been up to and the plans for the next couple of weeks. We’ll be tying these into our online Open Houses, too.

We use our Slack channel for “walkie-talkie” information around the farm. You can join us there. It’s a great way to follow along and participate in our farm life no matter where you are. We love some extra “chatter” on the channel.