Daily Journal: 25 March, 2020

The weather started cloudy but ended up sunny and warm with a high around 8c. We’re on day 11 (I think) of physical isolation. We haven’t been in quarantine – so we’ve had “safe contact” with probably a couple dozen people over the past 11 days, but our social connection through online channels is probably stronger than ever.

On the practical front, we started the kitchen compost pile today and did a little nesting – cleaning up the folding side tables and setting them up in the living room… that sort of thing. We’ve been pushing pretty hard since… it’s been a while. So, today I think we both needed a bit of a break.

And today was the monthly “Meeting to Save the World” group. It’s my church, I think. Roland was remarking about how for him it has a delayed reaction; it sort of builds his spirit over time. For me, it’s usually a quick hit of euphoria, but today it just left me tired. I think it gave me enough breathing room to feel the toll of the last couple of weeks of effort. So, it’s a good tired – an honest tired.

Tomorrow, hopefully, we move the RV from the old farm to Highgrove. That’s basically the last big thing in the move. We are still awaiting deliveries from Ikea and Canadian Tire that will finish off our “basics” list, so hopefully we’ll be more or less done with set up by April 6th.

Other than that, we’ll just keep moving forward on pigs and gardens (and goats if we have the time). Oh, and chickens!

Tonight’s cocktail inspired by our first official farm diary entry – “Grandma’s Diary” featuring Damson Gin, Lavender Simple Syrup, with a kick of Bourbon.