We’re all in this together!

We’re all in this together!

[trx_text![/trx_text]The climate emergency has begun and by all...
What’s a Footprint Farm

What’s a Footprint Farm

Highgrove is a Footprint Farm. We base all of our work on...
Who wants some bacon?

Who wants some bacon?

Are you interested in buying local, improving resilience and...

A model of resilience and regeneration

Regenerative Agriculture

A model mixed-used regenerative farm with an integrated blend of pastures, food forests and gardens growing a variety of healthy food while increasing the vitality of the environment.

Community Hub

A community hub, education and retreat centre that serves as a gathering spot for people learning to live healthy, happy, resilient lives together.

Adaptive Design

An experiment in regenerative culture that uses adaptive design and evidence-based decision-making to speed learning and responsiveness.